Sugar out of India marginally declined by 1.19% to 25.53 million tons till the February and 2024. Production during previous year end February was at 25.84 million tons according to ISMA. Production in Maharastra, Karnataka, Gujarath and Tamilnadu were lower till end of February 2024. Production in Uttarpradesh remained higher at 7.81 million tons as against 7 million tons in previous year end February. In Maharastra at 9.09 million tons as against 9.51 million tons in the corresponding period of last year. In Karnataka at 4.7 million tons (5.12 million tons last year) Production in Gujarath is at 770,000 tons and in Tamilnadu at 580,000 tons up to February end 2024. November of operating factories are higher than last year during this year and operating period
is likely longer than last year in Maharastra and Karnataka.