The Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare has released 2nd advance estimate of Major Agricultual Crop (Kharif & Rabi) for 2023-24. Kharif Rice production is estimated at 114.58 LMT(1105.112 LMT in 2022-23) Rabi rice is estimated at 123.57 LMT, Wheat production is estimated at 1120.19 LMT which is higher by 14.65 LMT as against 1105.54 LMT in previous year. Production of Shree Anna (Kharif 128.91 LMT, Rabi 24.88 LMT, Jowar (Kharif 15.46 LMT, Rabi 24.88 LMT) higher by 0.66 and 1.66 LMT respectively from previous year. Nutri/Course Cerelas (Kharif 356.11 LMT) (rabi 144.61 LMT), Tur production 33.39 LMT ( Last year 33.12 LMT), Gram at 121.61 LMT marginal lower than last year’s production. Lentil (16.36 LMT, 15.59 LMT in last
year) Soyabean (125.62 LMT) Rapeseed and Mustard 126.96 LMT, Cotton 323.11 Lakh bales. Sugarcane 4464.30 LMT.