Today, the moong market in Rajasthan exhibited a mix of stability and slight upward movement. Market experts noted reduced trading activity.

In the Kishangarh mandi, moong price quoted in the range of Rs 5,000-8,300 per quintal, showing an increase of Rs 300 per quintal compared to the previous trading day.

Traders attributed this rise to the arrivals of high-quality moong in the mandi, that stood around 700 bags, with each bag weighing 50 kg.

Meanwhile, prices remained stable in Kekri Mandi at Rs 7,800-8,000 per quintal, mirroring the previous trading day’s levels.

Similarly, in Merta Mandi, moong prices maintained their stability at Rs 7,000-8,700 per quintal. Mandi activity was notable, with an influx of around 12,000 bags.

However, in Nagaur mandi, moong prices experienced a decline, settling at Rs 7,800-8,800 per quintal due to weak demand today.