India’s edible oil imports for October 2023 plunged to 16 months low according 6 dealers opinions. Lower imports by India likely to lead higher stock of palm oil in Indonesia and Malaysia. Malaysian palm oil futures had only minor changes in rising prices. China’s palm oil demand alos moving down. India’s total edible oil imports for October 2023 fell to 1 million tons down 33% from Sept, which is lowest, since June 2022, according to dealers estimate. Palm oil imports fell by 14% to 715,000 tons which is lowest in last 4 months. Due to higher imports in previous months stocks have been increased and refiners were compered to reduce imports. Soy oil imports in October plunged by 63% from Sept ot 134,000 tons, which is lowest since January 2021, according to the dealers. Sunflower imports also fell by 47% during October to 158,000 tons the lowest in last 7 months. Higher oilseeds supply from summer sown crops also helped to reduce imports. Edible oil imports in 2022/2023 (November to October 31st) jumped by 17% from a year ago a record 16.5 million tons. Palm oil imports up by 24% to record 9.8 million tons, Soy oil imports fell 12% to 3.67 million tons and sunflower oil imports increased by 55% to a record 3 million tons during 2022-23 marketing year.