In the current marketing season India’s sugar production dropped to 74.05 lakh tons between the period of October to Dec 15 from 82.95 lakh tons during the same period of last year, according to Indian Sugar Mill Association (ISMA). Major producing states Maharastra and Karnataka’s production seen sharp drop in production during this period. Karnataka’s production dropped from 19.20 lakh tons in last year’s period to 16.95 lakh tons in the period of current year ( Y/O/Y decline of 11.71%). Maharastra’s production dropped to 24.45 lakh tons till Dec 15, of current year. (A decline of 26%). Because of delayed start of crushing season production have been dropped according to the news sources. Production in Uttarpradesh the 2nd largest producer is estimated to be
higher than last year. During the said period production in Uttarpradesh rose to 22.11 lakh tons from 20.26 lakh tons, higher by 9.13% in the last year’s corresponding period. Production in Gujarath and Tamilnadu were also higher during the said period as compared to the period of last year. According to CRISIL rating agency sugar cane production is expected to be lower by 9% in 2023-24 from last year due to lower rainfall in Maharastra and