India’s exports of Oil meals in August 2023 have been incresed to 3.54 lakh tons from 2.81 lakh tons in the year ago period. Exports of oil meals recorded 25.74% increase. Overall Oilmeals exports from 5 months (April to August) stood at 19.45 lakh as against 15.21 lakh tons in the corresponding period of last year which up by 27.85% year to year. Soya meal exports increased significantly on this period to 4.81 lakh tons from 1.07 lakh tons during the coresponding period of last fiscal. Rapeseed meal exports increased from 10.77 lakh tons in April-August 2022-23 year to 11.55 lakh tons on April to August 2023-24. India exported 1.51 lakh tons of ricebran extractions and 1.46 lakh tons of castor seed meal during April to August 2023-24.