India planned to increase vegetable oil production by increasing vegetable oilseeds production. It would be the part of the plans to minimize vegetable oil imports in coming years. Vegetable oil imports are very expensive, which had spent about $ 20.8 billion to import vegetable oil until March 2023. Insufficient production of oilseeds and vegetable oils forced India for more imports up to two third of its annual consumption, which reached 23 million tons. Palm oil imports contributed about 60% of the total vegetable oil imports. With the planning to implement modern agricultural technique, market connection, purchase guarantee, additional values, plant insurance and other supports, production of oilseeds such as canola, soyabean, sesame, sunflower are planned to increase at the part of temporary budget. Vegetabel oil seeds production have not been increased as per the growth in consumption. Goal is to minimize vegetable oil imports from 60% to 30% for the next five years according to the news sources.