China’s red chilly crops have been impacted production due to floods in some growing areas, upto 30 to 40% accroding to the news sources. Fresh buying demand from chillies from India likely to increase chillies prices again according to the news sources. According to Sambasiva Rao Velagapudi, chairman, All India Chilly Exporters Association in Guntur, the largest market yard for the chillies, Red chilli stocks in China are from 2000 containers a month ago to 500 containers, low stocks would trigger renewed demand from China. In 2022-23 Chilly exports from India touched a record high value exceeding Rs.10444 crore as per Spices Board data. China purchased over 1.57 lakh tons of Indian chillies worth Rs.3408 crore. Totalexports of spices were at Rs.31761 crore. Apart from China and Bangladesh demand from Srilanka Malaysia also would buy super 10 chillies. Stocks in India are at similar level of last year. Stocks in Guntur and Andra Pradesh are estimated at around 60 lakh bags of 40 kg each, stocks in Telangana are at around 27 lakh bags and in Karnataka 30 lakh bags.