During the period of January 1st to February 25, 2024, Cumin arrivals were at 38 thousand tons as against 24 times and tons in the same period of 2023. Arrivals had seen 58% increase. Prices declining since few days. Production is expected to be higher than last year. The new crop arrivals has started in the markets of Rajasthan, according to the news sources. In Gujarath also new crops begin to arrive to the markets. Cumin cultivation area increased by 103.p 40% in Gujarath according to the news sources and reached to 560,800 hectares. India’s cumin is facing competition in global markets from other growing countries such as Afghanisthan,Iran, Turkey and Syria. Prices have been came down due to higher arrivals. During the current rabi season cumin acreage reached 4 years high according to the news sources.