Central Govt. has discontinued the sale of Rice and Wheat under the open market sale scheme(OMSS) to states from the Central pool. This step taken to control the price rise of these commodities under OMSS will be continued for North Easten states, hilly states and states facing law and order situations, and natural calamities at an existing price of Rs.3400/quintal. Centre has imposed a stock limit on Wheat from June 12th till March 31, 2024. Centre has also anounced offloading of both rice and wheat under OMSS to control the open market price of these commodities throughout the nation and present loading. It had announced the sale of 15 lakh tons of Wheat under OMSS from the central pool to flour mills, private traders and manufacturers of wheat products through e-auction and not fixed the quantity of rice for these traders for sale under the scheme.
In this OMSS(D), the quantity a bidden can purchase in a single bid range from 10-100 tonne. The earlier maximum quantity allowed was 3000 tons per bid for a buyer. On January 26, the Centre had come out with the OMSS Policy for 2023 in which states were allowed to buy both of these commodities from FCI for their own schemes without participating in e-auction. Usually, OMSS is operationalised to sell foodgrains, especially, wheat and rice at pre-determined prices in the open market from time to time to bulk consumers and private traders during the season to improve domestic availability of these commodities and cool down open market prices, especially in difficult regions.